What’s Really Going On: The N.W.O.

So it’s the twenty-first century, and you probably get at least some of your news from the internet. Since your finger is on the pulse you’ve probably at some point heard some right-wing fanatic droning on about the granddaddy of all conspiracies. The New World Order, The Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Rothschilds…They go by many names but the gist of it all is that there is an ultra secret elite faction of madmen shaping the course of everything in public life for their own nefarious ends. Now anyone that knows me knows that I tend to be that ultra-jaded, super-skeptical voice of reason, but I do rightfully believe that high-level conspiracies have existed in the past and will continue to persist as long as there is society and the rule of law that runs counter to man’s unlimited predation of his fellow man.

For this particular theory however I have to call bunk, not because I can’t believe that the 1% aren’t capable of such machinations but simply because I’ve never encountered any evidence of it’s existence, and I have been uniquely poised throughout my adult life to have encountered such evidence. Have you ever been three-sheets-to-the-wind drunk in the V.I.P. of a high-end strip club with a who’s-who of Wall Street power? well I have. Have you ever sat unobtrusively in the corner at a policy meeting of an international round-table foreign affairs think-tank? well I have. Have you ever looked at the client files of a shadowy Swiss private bank? well I have. Have you ever snorted lines of cocaine off of the antique tables at the Houses of Parliament? well I actually haven’t done this but chemical testing has revealed that many of my ex colleagues did…

For decades now I have been there in the thick of it and alerted for exactly the sorts of signs I should be looking for but I haven’t even caught the slightest whiff of any far-reaching concerted conspiracy against the common man. The reality that I have observed is much more simplistic, and wholly aligned with the base nature of man. Self-interest(as measured in dollars) governs all in the real world. Is the Wall Street banker fucking you? of course he is, but only because it makes profits for the corporation and gets him a bigger bonus when the time comes. Is the politician lying to you? of course he is but only because he needs your vote to keep his job…The elite definitely do conspire with one-another when their mutual self-interests align but not in any sort of organized way.

For sure I have witnessed the fuckers laughing about the plight of the working man over drinks at the country club, but not because they are conspiring to get your guns, or declare martial law and round you all up to go to the FEMA camps for re-education. They laugh at you because you are so incredibly stupid as to let them continue to steal all of the real wealth in society because they have convinced you that it is all too complicated for you to understand and it’s all so terribly boring that you shouldn’t even bother to look into it…


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