Reminiscences of 9/11

It is around this time of season, as we approach a most auspicious and dark anniversary, in which I get to thinking of the little details that I remember of that fateful day, a profoundest day in my history wherein I was robbed of no small measure of the innocence of my youth. It is ever the cynic in me that most assuredly knows, and I suspect that you do too, that the party-line of the American establishment is an insufferable lie, a most blatant and bold-faced lie that all but the very most servile of the people could support it if the facts of the matter are made known…

It was on a Tuesday morning, much like any other in my twenty-second year, I had slept perhaps a bit too much that morning and I had arrived at my place of work perhaps two minutes after the ninth hour. As I entered the conference room, I was immediately alerted to the sound of a radio-broadcast; which being now the second-millennium of our era such was not a usual means of communication. I immediately asked a co-worker what news there was, I was met with an answer that an aeroplane had crashed into an office-tower in Manhattan, just then we heard the report that a second tower had been also struck by a separate aeroplane. Excited utterances were immediately heard in the room, cries of war and conspiracy, sounds of foreboding and doom. I remarked that it was most definitely an attack, and being in a great city ourselves, there was a certain amount of risk that such an attack might extend to allied nations, such that we were immediately released from our duties, that we might then attend to our families…

I was deep in a state of internal contemplation as I boarded the motor-coach home. News, it seemed had not yet reached the passengers, or perhaps it had, for it was thoroughly silent. As I took my seat my eyes wandered to a discard news-paper, a small caption heralded the day as the ‘United Nations International Day of Peace’, surely of significance to the plotters of this attack. My mind stayed with that line on ponderance, who were these attackers? My mind flashed to another news headline I had seen some months before on the news-wire, I remembered it nearly verbatim; “Osama Bin Laden promises unprecedented attack on U.S. interests.” I recalled it so keenly only because at the time I had no idea who Osama Bin Laden was, and I wryly wished him good luck, thinking there was not much reasonable threat to such a mighty empire. By the time I had reached my destination a mere score of minutes I had already drawn all of the connections that one could be expected to, it was most probably a conspiracy of militant Islamists headed by this Bid Laden character, after all was not the modus operandi of those zealots to hijack planes, and to commit suicide attacks. It was almost too easy to believe, it was as if providence had placed the portents into the public sphere just so I could absorb them.

The true cause was far from providence, though I had not yet come to realise such…

Upon arriving home I immediately thought of my loved ones, alternating between calling my family and being called upon. Thankfully all were safe and were also away from the core of the urban-centre. I switched on the television to be greeted with news of an attack on the high military quarters in Washington, such was surely an act of war. I began to become enraged, I could almost hear the beat of distant war-drums; though it was probably just my pulse beating through my ears as my blood boiled; the Americans were close allies, and we were surely to be called upon to send troops. I was at this time, of prime military age; and I could now understand how so many brash young men had rushed to join the legions after the infamous sneak-attack on Pearl Harbour; yet another auspicious remembrance.

Such it was, in my innocence that I had to contemplate these dread thoughts. My mind-racing, attempting to make sense of the situation. I furiously flipped through the stations as various pundits provided their own speculations, There were reports of desperate victims jumping to their deaths en-masse; there were live-shots of smoking holes in massive edifices. Some commentator remarked that due to the heights of the towers the fire-fighters had little chance to do anything with only standard ladders and hoses. I wondered to myself just what would happen if those buildings were allowed to burn unchecked. I was certainly not a structural engineer, and received startlingly little physical science education in my youth; but my crude understanding was that the fires would only burn so long as there was adequate fuel, but the bare structural elements, the concrete and steel were not particularly prone to fuelling an ordinary fire. Such that cinder-blocks were commonly used as hearth-stones and steel grills were used for open-fire cooking. Even an exotic fuel like that which fuelled the jets did not burn hot enough, weren’t the very ignition chambers of combustion engines forged of steel.

I suppose now I know that this is where my line of thought deviated from that of the intent of the conspirators. I know now that I was supposed to think that perhaps the buildings were inevitably going to collapse. Surely enough there were great clouds of dust and after some startled confusion it was announced that one of the towers had fully collapsed. I was taken aback, perhaps I was wrong in my estimation of the physical properties of both fires and building materials. As the instant replays began to be queued up in what turned out be a seemingly endless parade of destruction my blood ran cold. Not because of the horror of the mass deaths but because something looked very wrong about the way in which the building was coming down. I could see that instead of tumbling and falling to the ground like the top section of the building the bottom section seemed to be exploding floor by floor in a downward sequence. There was something sinister going on.

Without a doubt, I immediately knew that those buildings were purposely demolished. What was worse was that I also knew that It could only have been the authorities who threw the switch, because it was extremely unlikely that terrorists could have arranged to have the hundreds or even thousands of necessary explosive charges placed on every floor. I was still willing to think of the matter with an open mind. Thinking that perhaps some obscure bylaw or building code, or insurance contract required the controlled destruction of a damaged building in order to contain the wreckage or some-such. I wanted to believe that some official, perhaps the mayor; had to make a tough call replete with collateral-damage ultimately for the public safety, much like the reports of a fourth-plane shot-down with innocent lives aboard that I would also hear about that day. I expected that such executive decisions involving the outright sacrifice of civilian lives could never be publicly acknowledged in the quasi-fascist republic that the United States had already become by that time. I assumed, in my innocence that a thorough and legitimate investigation would be made into the matter and ultimately the true facts of the day would be revealed. I could not be further from the truth as it turned out…

There is a veritable quagmire of misinformation, and disinformation(a distinction I would later learn of) surrounding the events of that day. Not the least of which are the official commission reports, or the state-sponsored structural analyses. Bizarre theories of computer holograms, death-ray space lasers, and impossible physics are advanced from all corners. It is some of the most offensive and unconscionable evil I have experienced in my life. I only am grateful that the quest for the truth of these matters has opened my eyes to the true nature of governmental policy and covert practice. I can not just tell you my own personal theory, because it is a process which takes countless hours of research and contemplation. You may still not be capable of accepting the brutality of the actual reality even if you are told the complete picture. If you are ready I can provide some topics for you to research and you can decide for yourself if you can tolerate a comfortable lie to a monstrous truth.

For historical background:

False Flag Attacks, War Pretexts, and C.I.A. Convert Operations: U.S.S. Maine, the Sinking of the Lusitania, The attack on Pearl Harbour, The Bay of Pigs Invasion, Operation Northwoods, J.F.K. Assassination, Operation Mockingbird, The Mujahideen Operation, The Iran-Contra affair, and Kuwaiti Incubator Babies.

For suspects and methods:

The Project for a New American Century(Neo-cons), Stratesec(Marvin Bush), Systems Planning Corp(Dov Zakheim), Silverstein Properties(Larry Silverstein), Marsh & McClennan(L. Paul Bremer),  Amec Construction & Pentagon Budget Analyst Office, Urban Moving Systems and the Dancing Israelis, Rudy Guiliani and the Office of Emergency Management.

For trusted sources:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, Pilots for 9/11 truth, Firefighters for 9/11 truth, David Ray Griffin, Kevin Ryan, and James Corbett.



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