So You Wanna Go For the Grand Tour…

So you probably need a car right? Gotta get from point-A to point-B, but if you are a savvy businessman; and I suspect that you are; than you want to do it in style…like grand style…So you probably get to thinking about hot-rods in Hollywood movies, and of legendary cars that were only ever seen once and than gone, and you wonder about how you can get this done on a budget. So after seemingly endless hours of searching the inter-web boards and further hours of careful contemplation it was decided on this 2005 Infiniti 35x. It may look to be a family sedan, of higher luxury standards than most but with the right stylistic elements, and some tender love and care, I can turn this back into it’s heritage as the Nissan Skyline 350GT-8.

You might even trick this baby out with a Nismo theme. Adding only official Nissan Motorsports parts. The best part is that the G35x  has superior styling on interior trim including power, memory, heated leather seats, than the Japanese Domestic Market 350GT-8. The Skyline has a nearly mythical status in North American markets, as it needed to be imported from Japan, in a right-hand drive model only, very few, if any, are seen on the streets. The Infiniti model comes with left-hand drive and also has superior horsepower in the identical VQ35DE engine, due to Japanese restrictions on output for their domestic markets. Whether the Skyline or the G-Class, they both have a hybrid all-wheel drive system that only engages the front wheels when the accelerator is activated. They also come with a manu-matic-mode continuously variable transmission in which the driver can override the ROM and shift gears manually. This car will be so ridiculously epic that it will make you cry when you inevitably part with it to some Scarface wannabe G’ for a healthy profit because your Nismo Skyline Infiniti G is just that sick…Stay tuned for the after pics…where you can all drool…

Image result for Nismo Skyline Sedan
Something very much like this

Related image


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