So You Wanna Golf Balla’ Style…

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I recently booked a typical all-inclusive vacation in Varadero. I had always dreamed of golfing at the Varadero Club and after looking into all of the various options I decided to book a one-night stay at the Xanadu as a romantic getaway for my wife and I during our vacation. The green fees and the dinner alone made up for the cost of the room so it was an easy decision.

From the moment we arrived we were treated like the guests of honour by all of the staff. The mansion was quite busy with wedding parties and tourist groups but we were the only guests that day so the staff were well prepared for us. We arrived two-hours early for check-in but were quickly shown to our suite without even a mention of the time. I had booked the hotel direct online and had some e-mail exchanges with the customer relations staff before leaving the country with a few special requests and I was quite pleased that all was taken care of prior to our arrival.

We were shown into the Kublai Khan suite and I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor. The suite was so large that it echoed…The ten-foot high doors and the massive king-sized bed made me think that I had entered the bedchamber of giants…The vast marble bathroom was breathtaking, the shower alone was large enough to bathe a small horse in(not that I had one with me). The suite was well equipped with all of the amenities you would expect in a luxury suite back home; even a feminine hygiene kit, which can be very hard to come by in Cuba. The balcony was especially nice, ornate carved-wood pillars with intricate wood panelling even on the underside of the awning. This place is all about the details…

The ocean-view was spectacular, and as we stood taking it in we could see the tourists on the beach were looking up at us and pointing, wondering if we were someone rich and famous. The guests only area was dotted with many sculptures and curios and we got to take many a photo that the tour groups and wedding parties down-stairs could not.

Although the dining room was nearly full we casually strode in without a reservation and had our pick of the menu without additional charge(I opted for the three courses of lobster). Their wine list was extensive and we received proper wine-service. The dinner was exceptional by Cuban standards; probably the best on the island, but they reserve the extra-special treatment for the guests. We enjoyed an intimate breakfast alone on the patio with the standard Cuban fare but prepared with more care than you would see in a resort…

Our check-out day was spent in a round of fun and challenging golf. It was the experience of a lifetime and all for the same cost as the Catamaran day trip that can be had at any resort on the peninsula. I honestly have not even one minor complaint about the Xanadu, it is in a class all of it’s own.


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