So You Wanna Talk Hockey…

Ok so you’re Canadian, and I trust that you probably are, Talk round the watercooler, over drinks at lunch, or even around the boardroom table will inevitably turn to the subject of Hockey. Even women are expected to posses a certainly level of familiarity with the subject. Any good Canadian should be able to compose a satisfactory essay on the geo-political significance of the 72 Summit Series. At the very least you should know that the good guys beat the evil communists on Paul Henderson’s goal in Game 8. Other notable moments in Canadian Hockey Glory include some other games the good guys won with guys named Gretzky and Lemieux but they didn’t really count for anything. Then came the Olympics and and there were successes and failures. Old Gretzky lost, but Old Lemieux won glory for Canada in 02. All the sweeter against the host Americans. More failures in Europe followed by the most Epic of Glory on home ice in 2010. All the sweeter against the visiting Americans. Maybe later generations can write about the geopolitical significance of Crosby’s golden goal…I get to thinking about past glories, and of pints I shall never see again but enjoyed while they lasted, and over bragging rights accrued over bold declarations of the world supremacy of Canadian Hockey.

So maybe you are already in the know, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you were, and you, like me are lusting heartily after the Sochi Olympics. Checking the stats, and the minutiae of the NHL’s early season in hopes of discerning the composition of the only roster that matters enough to warrant a nationally televised event. It’s barely a few weeks into the season and I’m on edge. I’ve got my picks and my arguments, I hope they keep up their stats but don’t get catastrophically injured in their pursuit. Ok so my team Canada roster shakes out like this for 20 players and 3 goalies:


  • C. Price
  • M. Fleury
  • J. Bernier


  • J. Garrison
  • D. Phaneuf
  • D. Keith
  • J. Bouwmeester


  • D. Doughty
  • P.K. Subban
  • B. Seabrook
  • A. Peitrangelo


  • J. Tavares
  • E. Kane
  • R. Nugent-Hopkins
  • J. Thornton
  • R. Nash


  • S. Crosby
  • J. Toews
  • T. Hall
  • R. Getzlaf
  • P. Bergeron


  • S. Stamkos
  • T. Seguin
  • J. Eberle
  • C. Perry
  • M. St Louis

You heard it here first…


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